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Levett Career Center

Annual Career Center Workshops

Photo of GRE workshop
For a brief list of objectives of this year's Career Center workshops, click on the links below. While the topics are targeted to students' needs at key points in their academic careers, students of all classes are welcome to attend these workshops. Because students learn a lot from each other's questions and input, they are strongly encouraged to participate in these sessions; however, some of the material can be covered by individual appointment on request. To find dates for these events, see our calendar.

Grad School Workshops

Applying to Grad School
Writing your Curriculum Vitas (CV)
GRE Introduction to the General Test
GRE Verbal Reasoning
GRE Quantitative Reasoning
GRE Analytical Writing

Career-Related Workshops

Gap Year Programs
Interviewing for Teachers
LinkedIn: A Great Tool for a Job Search

Résumés and Cover Letters
Résumé Writing for Teachers
Thinking about your Major

Job Search Workshops

How to Land a Summer Job that MEANS Something
How to Work a Career Fair
Job Search and Networking

Grad School Workshops

Applying to Grad School
We will consider questions such as:  Should you go to grad school?  When should you go? Which program should you pick?

We'll also discuss:

  • Strategies for researching and selecting programs
  • Admission tests
  • Writing statements of purpose
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Application deadlines
  • Interviews
  • Financial aid

Writing your Curriculum Vitae

Learn how to write a Curriculum Vitae (otherwise known as a "CV" or an "academic résumé"); critique sample CVs; find out the critical information to include (and to avoid!)  and get tips for formatting your CV effectively.

GRE Introduction to the General Test

Get up-to-the-minute information on the GRE including:

  • An overview of the 3 test sections and the test day schedule;
  • Tips for mastering the GRE's computer adaptive format;
  • Information about excellent, free test preparation materials;
  • Handouts listing essential grad school web sites and strategies for each GRE section;
  • Information on eligibility for fee waivers; and
  • Target scores for a wide range of grad school programs.

GRE Verbal Reasoning Focus Session:

Practice each of the three types of verbal reasoning questions and get tips on how you can improve your efficiency and improve your skill on those that challenge you.  The workshop will include practice questions and an introduction to PowerPrep, and handouts with strategies to approach each type of question.

GRE Quantitative Reasoning:

Learn lots of valuable tips and shortcuts for improving your time (and score) on the quantitative section
This workshop will provide:

  • Information about a free 100 page ETS Math Review booklet and other valuable resources,
  • Practice questions demonstrating question types,
  • Handouts with strategies to approach the Quantitative Reasoning section

GRE Analytical Writing Focus Session:

We will offer you:

  • Tips in approaching the writing tasks,
  • An overview of the way in which writing samples are scored,
  • Practice in developing a typical GRE essay, and
  • Information on the complete pools of questions from which yours will be drawn on test day
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Career-Related Workshops

Gap Year Programs

Are you looking for an adventure following graduation before you start work or head to grad school?  Opportunities abound! Among the popular options of recent Hanover grads are:

  • Peace Corps
  • AmeriCorps
  • JET
  • Teach for America
  • Help Exchange

Learn more about your options, and pick up some very useful handouts.


When the job market is tight it's important to impress your interviewers! Come to the Career Center's Interviewing workshop to learn how to:

  • Identify key points you want to be sure to cover,
  • Effectively research companies,
  • Nail tough questions,
  • Develop effective questions for them,
  • Plan a brief introductory elevator pitch to answer that tough, vague question: "Tell me about yourself."

Interviewing for Teachers

Learn how to:

  • Research school systems
  • Respond to tough interview questions
  • Be ready for different styles of interviews
  • Dress appropriately for job interviews
  • Follow-up

: A Great Tool for Job Search
Learn how LinkedIn can help you to find answers to the following questions:

  • What is a typical career path for my interests?
  • How do I compare to my competition?
  • How can I clarify my career goals? 
  • Who is in my network? How can I expand it?
  • How can I research companies and learn about the insiders' perspective?

Résumés and Cover Letters

Learn how to tailor your resume to any field, and how to format it to make it eye-catching. 
Find out the purpose of a cover letter and how to write a dynamite one. 

Résumé Writing for Teachers

Learn how to:

  • Choose the best phrasing to convince employers you're qualified
  • Make the most of your background
  • Format your résumé effectively
  • Identify the key components of a cover letter

Thinking about your Major

Learn a step-by-step approach to look at majors in detail and to compare your interest in them.
Find out about assessment and informational resources that are available to you.

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Job Search Workshops

How to Land a Summer Job that MEANS Something
  • Get concrete practice ideas on how to search for a summer job
  • Learn how to make the most of the job you've got--no matter what it is!
  • Learn about steps you can take toward identifying your longer-term career interests
  • Learn skills in landing a job
  • Develop an action plan to get you started

How to Work a Career Fair

  • Find out how you should prepare your résumé for the fair
  • Find out how to dress for success
  • Get strategies for researching organizations to prepare for the fair
  • Develop and practice your elevator pitch

Job Search and Networking

Learn how you can:

  • Plan a job search strategy
  • Identify and reach out to your network (everyone has one!)
  • Take advantage of the Internet and social networking sites for job search
  • Learn about upcoming recruiting events
  • Sign up in advance with your career goal, and we will prepare a networking packet for you.

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