Levett Career Center


Photo of a student speaking to a recruiter at a career fair.

Welcome, Recruiters!

Recruiters are welcome to Hanover's campus throughout the academic year, although our traditional recruiting season is from November through March.  There are many opportunities for employers, graduate schools and internship hosts to meet Hanover's students. Contact us if you would like to:

  • Conduct on-campus interviews with seniors or potential interns using our Interview Scheduling Request formEach organization that has scheduled a recruiting date with us will be marketed to our students in several ways, and the Career Center staff will coordinate the students' interview schedules.
  • Hold Skype interviews if you are unable to come to campus in person. We will set up the schedule and provide the facilities. To arrange this, use the Interview Scheduling Request form above.
  • Staff a table in our student center at peak hours to talk informally with students about graduate school, employment or internship opportunities. We'll handle all the publicity and the arrangements, and your meal is on us.
  • Offer an afternoon or evening presentation to students interested in your organization or institution.  Again, we'll handle the logistics, and can support all your audiovisual requirements.
  • Post current job and internship openings at NACElink, our online job posting service, or through our website. We will publish your openings in Career Currents, distributed to all students and will have interested students contact you directly.
  • Recruit for permanent employees and interns at our career fairs, co-sponsored by Hanover, held annually in October/November in Indianapolis, and in late February or early March in both Indianapolis and Lexington, KY. You will have the chance to meet with Hanover students as well as other liberal arts candidates from select schools in Indiana and Kentucky.

Since its founding in 1827, Hanover College has been committed to providing a true liberal arts education. Hanover College offers over 30 major areas of study, as well as the opportunity for students to self-design their own major. Our students are well-prepared for the challenge of working in many career fields, and are among the finest of candidates.  A typical Hanover student makes oral presentations in class every term, is experienced at working as a team member, and by graduation will have written over fifty papers. The breadth of the curriculum ensures that our students learn the perspectives and approaches of a wide range of disciplines beyond their majors. Outside the classroom, students participate actively in our numerous extracurricular activities allowing them to hone skills in leadership, team building, time management, program development and public speaking.

All of this and a beautiful campus, as well! We offer a variety of options for on-campus recruiting, and would enjoy giving our students a chance to learn more about your organization. If you are interested in coming to Hanover, let us work with you to set up an ideal date. If you have any questions or would like to know more about these opportunities, please call us at (812) 866-7127 or e-mail us.