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Levett Career Center

What You Can Do This Semester- and How We Can Help!

Hanover students/alumni can access our advice through Zoom, phone, email, videos, live webinars, and our website. Below are a few career-related steps you can take now, depending on your class year, even if you find employers are cautious about hiring.

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Excerpt of Strong Interest InventoryClarify your goals

Not quite sure what you want to do? We offer career coaching, self-assessment inventories, and related resources to help students select their majors and clarify their career goals. We can also connect you with alumni and other professionals to set up informational interviews.

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Identify the skills your Goal requires

Now is a great time to research the skills required by the field you are interested in, then divide them into those you have and those you need to acquire. You can do that by Googling related job descriptions online, and by going to O*Net. Use our transferable skills professional competency tool to track how competitive you currently are in your field.

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Gain Those skills

We help students to earn academic credit for their internships, to manage their BSP internships, and to find other experiential opportunities. No luck finding related work or internships at the moment? Look for ways to gain skills in other ways: check out our new Opportunities page, volunteer, do projects for your neighbors, and become active in clubs, activities, and organizations that interest you, even if from home. Use free online resources to develop specific skills. Future employers don't care how you developed skills as much as that you have skills that help solve their problems!

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Search for Jobs or Internships

The Levett Career Center uses Handshake as our career services, internship and job platform. Staff can connect you with alumni for networking and for alumni mentoring and we can point you towards effect search sites. But first, get a resume and cover letter critique through the office; there is always room for improvement.

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Apply to Graduate School

In addition to our annual Graduate and Professional School Fair, we meet individually with students to assist them in researching schools, to review admission essays and CVs, and to provide tailored mock interviews. Also check out Advice from Recent Grads on our Grad School section of our website. Do research to ensure that grad school is valued in your career field before going this route if your reason for applying is to be more employable.

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Be ready for prime time

Develop a strong profile on Handshake and LinkedIn and start polishing your elevator pitch. Are you wondering how well-prepared you are to embark on your career after Hanover?  We have developed cool electronic tools to help you learn what employers require and to see how well you meet these requirements today. Log in with your Hanover email; your results will be saved so that you can track your growth over time.

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learn more from our How-To Guides and Videos

Download our free career-related guides, updated annually, to assist you with your preparation for applying to jobs and graduate school. These resources include sample documents, worksheets, rubrics, and related web links.

Be sure to check out our growing collection of brief career-related videos, which can help you to jump start your job-search or grad school process.