Levett Career Center
Alumni Panels

Photo of a recent alumni panel.

About Alumni Panels:
Are you wondering the best way to start to prepare for your career? Need a little help confirming that it would be a good fit for you? Wondering how to get there from here? Alumni panels are a great way for students to connect with career professionals who can inspire you and give insider tips for success. Here's what alumni discuss:

  • how they came to their current position;
  • highlights of activities they took part in while at Hanover;
  • what they would recommend current students do now to be prepared for their career goal; and
  • how the liberal arts education at Hanover impacts their career. 

After an overview by each panelist, students have the opportunity to ask questions. Many students stay after the panel concludes to speak individually to alumni.

Sound great? Join us! To learn more, take a look at some recent alumni panels.