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Sarah Line

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Sarah Line '16
PhD in English
Indiana University Bloomington

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Sarah 's Advice

My greatest advice to aspiring grad students is this: start early.  Start preparing for your exams, contacting schools for information, and working on your statement of purpose as soon as possible.  Applying to grad school is similar to applying for a prestigious job, and all your materials should be professional.  Edit them extensively: with friends, at the Learning Center, at the Career Center, with your advisor.  Also, don't be intimidated by all the application materials or count yourself out for a program based on test score minimums.  My advisor told me, "You are qualified," and thinking in that manner helped me a lot throughout the process.  I didn't do so well on my Subject GRE, but still got into one of my more competitive programs thanks to my other application materials.  Apply to a variety of schools across the country with various rankings.  Most importantly, don't apply somewhere you wouldn't attend.  It's not worth the time, effort, or money.