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Preparing for the GRE

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GRE Preparation Strategy

Find your baseline: Start by finding out how you would score if you took the GRE today: take a timed full-length practice test using PowerPrep II, available free from ETS. When you have finished the test, PowerPrep provides an estimate of how your scores compare to others in your field of interest. Once you have that information, you'll know where to focus your efforts: for example, if you are shooting for a 159 on the Quantitative section and you scored a 149 on the practice test, you will know that you should allow time to improve that score. How long it will take you to do so depends on several factors, among them:

  • how much you would like to improve,
  • how much time you have to study,
  • how quickly you can learn new skills, and
  • how well you tend to perform on standardized tests.

Improve your score: Download our GRE Prep Flow Chart for step-by-step recommendations for each of the three sections of the GRE Revised General test.