Levett Career Center

Curriculum Vitae

Photo of a student at graduation in front of a fountain.Writing Your Curriculum Vitae

Academics use a style of resume referred to as a "curriculum vitae", a "vita", and a "C.V." While most employment résumés include descriptive details to emphasize the related tasks that the writer has accomplished, C.V.s are typically limited to lists of academically oriented activities. Below are possible section headings to include in a C.V. and, when relevant, examples of ways in which past Hanover graduates have participated in them. Include those in which you have strengths. When you have completed your C.V., bring it to the Levett Career Center for a critique, and share it with those who will be writing your letters of reference.

Contact Information:
Name, address, land and cell phone, e-mail address

Undergraduate degree, institution, major(s), minor(s), cumulative grade point average

Research Experience:
Senior thesis, Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs), collaboration with faculty, directed studies, research grants

Teaching Experience:
Lab assistant, learning center tutor, teaching assistant, seminar presenter, interpretive naturalist, departmental tutor, intensive inquiry member

Presentation experience:
Undergraduate research conferences, national conferences, campus research

Papers co-authored with faculty, senior thesis, Kennings, Hanover Historical Review

Intensive inquiry, research grant, SWEPT Fund, STAR grant, etc.

Community Service/Committee Work:
Faculty Evaluation Committee, faculty search committees, Curriculum Committee, Student Academic Assistance Committee, Student Senate, Baynham Faculty of the Year Committee, volunteer activities

Honors and Awards:
Summa Cum Laude (expected), academic prizes, Mortar Board (senior honor society), Alpha Lambda Delta Academic Honor Society, Dean's List (specify number of terms)

Phrase this as "Reading knowledge of x", or "fluent in y"

Professional Experience/Employment:
Typically you should include only those activities that relate to the field you are
seeking to enter.

Professional Society Memberships:
Societies give a membership dues break to students to encourage them to join. Do so.