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Nikki Lewis

Photo of Nikki Lewis   Nikki Lewis '17
earning MFA in Arts Administration
Southern Utah University

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Nikki's Advice

Finding the right school can be tricky. Something that worked well for me was creating a list of things I knew I wanted in my ideal school. For me, this included things like the program, degree, class sizes, academic and financial aid, and other factors. If a program didn't fit all of my needs, I crossed it off immediately.

Use your resources! One of the best things about Hanover is the amount of help faculty on campus are willing to give in order to make sure your resume is perfect. Go to Margaret Krantz, she is a lifesaver. She truly knows how to make sure your resume highlights the experience you've had and at the same time show just how unique you are. Also, ask professors who have been in programs similar to the one you are looking into. They'll know more specifically what should and shouldn't be included on your resume. In general though, make good use of your four years in college. Take as many opportunities for internships and volunteer work as you can, especially focused on what you are planning on going to grad school for.

When preparing your admissions essay, break it into 3 more manageable parts: What you have done in the past, what you are doing now, and how the program you're applying to will help you accomplish your future goals. As long as you do this, and focus exclusively on things that connect directly to the program you are applying to, you'll be a shoo in.

Paying for graduate school is daunting. Knowing this ahead of time, I decided that location didn't matter to me which meant that I could focus on finding schools with programs that I could afford. Make sure to check out the actual costs of attendance for each school, and contact the individual programs to see if they give out academic scholarships for graduate students. Another way to save some money is to see if housing off campus is cheaper, because often times it actually is!