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Nick Taylor

Photo of Nick   Nick Taylor '13
earning Master of Public Affairs in
International Development and Policy Analysis
IU Bloomington
School of Public and Environmental Affairs

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Nick's Advice

  • Early on during your senior year, narrow down your schools of interest to three to five.  Applying to more than five schools will probably be a waste of time and application fees.  Also, include "reach" and "safe" options on your list.  You never know what admissions departments will be looking for, which can be positive or negative.  If you have no idea where would be a good fit for you, talk to your faculty advisor or the Career Center!

  • Spend a couple of months studying for the GRE in small but consistent chunks.  Since much of the material is things you already know, reviewing the format to know what to expect is as important as anything.  The essays can be tricky if you haven't prepared for them.

  • Ask direct questions to representatives at the Grad School Fair.  Remain polite and positive, but feel free to keep recruiters on their toes and make them give you honest answers.  This is your opportunity to learn directly from people involved with the program instead of pre-screened viewbook answers.  Ask why you should--and shouldn't--go to their school.