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Photo of Heather   Heather Washburn '12
earning DDS
Indiana University School of Dentistry

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Heather's Advice

Here are some important things to remember, especially when applying to dental school like I did:

  • Apply early! For dental school, you should have your application turned in before you return to school for senior year! That means you should be working on it during June and July of the summer after your junior year. Applying early gives you the highest possibility to receive a fall interview. Dental schools tend to let far more students in during the fall than they do the winter or spring. Usually, almost the entire class is filled by December.
  • Kaplan review courses are very helpful when preparing for admission exams like the DAT, MCAT, etc.
  • Take lots of practice exams for the admission exam!
  • Most pre-dental students apply to 4-7 dental schools.
  • Save up for all of your application fees and other fees associated with the application process. With medical and dental school, you usually have to pay primary and secondary fees. You need to have a good suit, and be prepared to pay for the traveling expenses for interviewing at the different schools you applied to.  
  • Most dental schools have "Dental Days" where you learn more about their dental school and the profession. Both U of L and IU have one. Go to these! You learn a lot of valuable information to help you decide if you want to apply/attend these schools and for the interviews.
  • Make sure that you research each individual school before you interview with them. Know what makes each school different and how you could benefit that school/how that school could benefit you before you even go to the interview.
  • At all of my interviews, they were SO excited about my study abroad/service-learning/summer trip experiences! Travel if you can and serve others in your respective fields.  Show that you are a compassionate, cultured person who values diversity and serving others.
  • You don't have to major in a science to go to medical or dental school! Major in what you are passionate about! My Spanish major helped me stand out at my interviews in a positive and unique way!