Levett Career Center
Alumni on Liberal Arts at Hanover

While at Hanover, our students develop marketable skills that will last a lifetime. Through an array of core curriculum requirements (CCRs) and carefully designed majors, they:

  • learn to learn, to integrate ideas, to think critically, and to solve problems,
  • develop strong skills in persuasive speaking and writing,
  • gain a breadth of perspectives, becoming well-rounded, and
  • learn to conduct research effectively, and to analyze information.
Photo of Andy Jankowski
Andy Jankowski '95
Founder, Enterprise Strategies, LLC

For example, Hanover students:

Become great communicators:
"The Hanover course I have found most helpful to my career as an entrepreneur was a theater class, which taught me how to communicate with my voice, my posture, my gestures, and every molecule of my being."

Andy was a communication major at Hanover.

Photo of Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson '07
Experience Developer,
Kite & Nail

Become versatile and well-rounded:
"At my previous position, I was the only person able to develop the computer network and utilize a particular program because I was the only one who had taken a computer science class, a class which had given me just enough knowledge about programming to be able to figure how to do this. Everyone else's degree was so focused, it was difficult for them to adapt to many of the challenges we faced at the museum."

Katie was a history major at Hanover.

Photo of Barb Alder
Barbara Alder '77

Purdue University
College of Technology-Anderson/Richmond,
Past President HC
Alumni Board

Learn to solve problems:
"As a student at Hanover I learned to take facts from a lot of different sources and academic disciplines, synthesize, analyze and make sense of it all. More importantly, I learned how to communicate what I had learned in a way that others could use that information in a variety of contexts. Once I found myself in the complex world of telecommunications, those skills were used during nearly three decades of incredible technological changes and organizational upheaval. Thanks to the skills I developed at Hanover, I was called upon over and over again to figure out new technologies and then to make sure that my colleagues, superiors and subordinates all had a common understanding of that new information. I contributed to the enterprise's profitability and marketplace success." 

Barb was a business administration major at Hanover.