Levett Career Center
Initial Graduate School Activities

Photo of graduate in front of fountain

Recent Graduate School Programs

Each year, the Levett Career Center conducts a survey of our new graduates that includes data through the end of the calendar year in which they graduated. On average, we collect data for 96% of each class, reflecting the activities new graduates were pursuing at the time we contacted them.

A high percentage of Hanover graduates attend graduate school: over the past 5 years, nearly 24% of our new graduates have opted to continue their educations in the fall following graduation. These numbers are even higher for our science majors, where 5-year averages for new grads entering advanced degree programs are: for Biochemistry, 47%; Biology, 25%; Chemistry, 49%; Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology, 54%; and Psychology, 36%. The number overall will increase within five years of their graduation.  

Graduate Programs for Most Recent Five Classes

On the employment front, on average, 23% of new grads enter business fields as their first activity following graduation, while approximately 12% enter sciences or technology, 10% enter the teaching profession, and another 8% enter social services or not-for-profits. Here are the specifics for the Class of 2021.