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Environmental Careers Panel

January 25, 2011

Greg Bright '75
Director of Biological Studies
Commonwealth Biomonitoring
BA, Major: Biology
MS in Zoology, Clemson University, 1977

Greek Affiliation: Phi Delta Theta

Greg was in the Peace Corps in Micronesia. He is a lymnologist (a lake biologist). Greg stressed that in the environmental field, continuing education is very important.

John Gunter '71
Environmental Manager
Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM)
BA, Major: Biology

Greek Affiliation: Phi Gamma Delta

John broke into the environmental field by working for the Board of Health; he sampled air to manage air pollution. He also worked for the Office of Land Response to help a large problem of leaking underground storage tanks.

Liz Habley '06
Outreach Naturalist (in-class elementary environmental education, outdor and nature center programming for the public)
City of Indianapolis, Parks and Recreation
BA, Major: Environmental Studies
Minors: International Studies, Art

Liz was in the Peace Corps in Peru. When Liz was at Hanover, environmental science was not an option for a major, so she took the initiative and made it one. The one thing she regrets about her Hanover education is avoiding chemistry classes!

Piper Roby-Thomas '99
Copperhead Environmental Consulting
BA, Major: Biology
MS, Biology - University of Louisville

Piper broke into the environmental field as an intern in California. Piper stressed that it really pays off to volunteer because it helps you to make connections in the field. Currently she works in the Bernheim Forest in Kentucky netting bats for research.

Joel Ruselink '97
Senior Geologist
August Mack Environmental, Inc.
BA, Major: Geology
Greek Affiliation: Sigma Chi

Joel is a manager/consultant at a national company. He said that all of the critical thinking and problem solving Hanover has students do has really helped him in his current job. He came into Hanover 100% sure he wanted to major in Business, but quickly learned that Geology was actually the subject for him. Joel got his foot in the door of the environmental field by checking the air quality of smoke stacks in Chicago.

Celeste Sutter, CHMM '85 (Certified Hazardous Materials Manager)
Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Technical Coordinator Science Division
BA, Major: Biology
Minor: Psychology
Greek Affiliation: Alpha Delta Pi

Celeste has now been an Environmental Health and Safety Officer for over 20 years; she helped in the building process of our new science center! She stressed that it is very important in the environmental field to be able to "wear a lot of hats", which means, you need to be very flexible and a good multitasker in order to handle all of the hard work you will have to do.

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