Levett Career Center
Alumni Reflections

Alumni give their perspectives on such questions as:

  • Who or what influenced you most during your years at Hanover?
  • What activities were you involved in?
  • What advice would you give students concerning their years at Hanover?
Photo of Sylvia Phelps Eastman Sylvia Phelps Eastman
Class of 1960
Photo of Dan Hodges

Dan Hodges
Class of 1975

Photo of Chip Goldsberry

Chip Goldsberry
Class of 1960

Photo of Emmy Ratts Milam

Emmy Ratts Milam
Class of 1960

Photo of Kathy Tomes

Kathy Tomes
Class of 1994

Photo of Randall Tomes

Randall Tomes
Class of 1995