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Hire Hanoverians 2020

You want graduates that can hit the ground running and give back to your organization in a shorter period of time. Meet talented seniors from the Hanover College Class of 2020 and the Levett Career Center - hire a Hanoverian!

They're talented, hard-working, liberal-arts minded and:

  • Team leaders - they appreciate diverse perspectives, and are able to find solutions that drive consensus among varying opinions.
  • Good communicators - they are masters in speaking clearly and writing effectively.
  • Creative thinkers - they are fearless about asking questions and better at knowing what to do with the answers.
  • Experienced in real-world settings - they are world travelers and veterans of at least one internship.

To find out more about these outstanding candidates, request candidates to contact you.
Other inquiries may be sent to: Kim Brant at brant@hanover.edu.

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