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January 24 , 2012

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Russ Villier '08 D.M.D. Student Doctor Class of 2014 (Second Year)
University of Louisville School of Dentistry
BA, Major: Biology, Minor: Environmental Science
Greek affiliation:  Lambda Chi Alpha

Russ is just now entering the clinical portion of his dentistry studies. He said that something to be aware of is that the first two years (which he has just finished) are the same as medical school, so the classes are very rigorous, but he feels that HC prepared him well. What Russ regrets from his Hanover days is not being in the CBP program. He stressed the importance of getting involved on-campus, and not only that, but striving for leadership positions. These extra experiences that you can put on your resume can make or break not only job applications, but graduate school applications as well. A great asset to Russ has been Margaret Krantz in the Career Center!

Anne (Grohmann) Eddins '92
Speech Language Pathologist
Meredith Dunn School
BA, Major: French, Minor: English, Communication
Greek affiliation:  Kappa Alpha Theta
MS, Communication Disorders from University of Louisville, School of Medicine

Anne is one of six kids and three of them went to HC! She said she is thankful for the problem solving, reasoning, and collaboration skills that she gained at Hanover and that it is these and not her GRE scores or her grades that got her into graduate school, though those were good, too. Anne started her U of L program out at Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center where one older girl had a speech delay. This experience changed her whole outlook and is what got her started on the speech therapy path.

Linda (Bettner) Bundick, CHES (Certified Health Education Specialist) '06
Tobacco Control Coalition Coordinator
Partnership for a Healthier Johnson County
BA, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry
MS, Health Promotion from IU School of health, Physical Education, and Recreation

Linda said to take advantage of the liberal arts environment that Hanover College provides by taking classes that sound interesting and studying what you like. This kind of variety gives you several different ways to look at a problem, which is incredibly useful in the job market. Linda also told of her memorable health education internship in Mexico. She explained how difficult the economy had made job searching after she graduated, so make sure your resume and interview skills are spotless by going to the Career Center.

Noel Block-Dean '94
Registered Nurse
King's Daughters Hospital ER
BA, Major: Psychology, Minor: Communication
Associate of Science - Nursing

Noel loved the small-school setting that HC provided during her years here because it helped her get to know her professors well. Her first job out of college was in foster care child placement and she found out she really didn't like it so she moved on to Geriatric social work and loved it. When she then moved on to medical social work, she loved it even more. Getting so interested in the medical side of things, Noel became a nurse and is currently working on her Master of Science in Nursing while working at the E.R. in Madison. She especially loves working in the E.R. because it is always challenging and different. What Noel says makes a good nurse is having the ability to think on your feet and be adaptable.

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