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Rate your Search

Job Search Tip: Rate your Strategic Search Skills
Running a search for a rewarding, satisfying job involves far more work than you might initially imagine, and is far less likely to end quickly and to your satisfaction if you simply surf the web for job openings or apply for positions you learn of through marquees on the road side. How do your skills rate?

Evaluate the strength of your search skills, using a scale of 1-3 (3 is high).
___ You have clarified the career goal you are searching for.*
___ You have researched the skills required by your goal and have acquired at least 80% of them.*
___ You have researched and identified key organizations where you would like to work.
___ You have identified your selling points, that is, the aspects of your background that are distinctive and particularly well-suited to the field, and have developed an effective elevator pitch.*
___ You have ensured your brand (résumé, online presence) showcases you effectively and positively.
___ You have identified people with whom you can network.
___ You have outlined a job search action plan.
___ You take a diverse approach to your search that includes a balance of face time and electronic postings.
___ You follow-up effectively with potential employers.*
___ You have realistic expectations in terms of what you are qualified to do and how long your search will take, and you treat your job search as if it were a full-time job.
___ You balance your search with activities that you find refreshing.

How did you do?
______ Add up your rating for each of the items above.
24 - 30: You know what you want to do, where the employers are, and how to sell your background to them. You have an effective, diverse and realistic strategy. If there are openings in your field, you are poised to be successful.
20 - 23: You have many of the traits necessary to run a successful job search, but would benefit from research into the skills employers in this field value, and from identifying specific employers whom you'd like to work for. Setting specific tasks and goals for your search will help, as well.
10 - 19: Call the Career Center for assistance in developing a search strategy or job search action plan.
* Note: While all of these characteristics are important, those with the star symbol are essential. For you to have mastered this competency, you need to have a score of 3 for each of the starred elements in addition to a high score overall.
For more information:

  • Refer to the Career Center's Job Search Guide for further information about the job search process and for tips in approaching each step.
  • Join LinkedIn, and the Career Center's group, Hanover Career Alumni Network.
  • Activate your NACELink account.