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Levett Career Center

HR Interviewing Tips

Greetings, all!

I polled some Hanover alumni human resource directors about what they look for in excellent interviews.  Below is a compilation of what they agreed were the most important qualities in a really great interview. The candidate:

  • Has dress and grooming appropriate for the position;
  • Speaks fluidly and assertively;
  • Provides appropriate level of detail;
  • Selects specific skills, traits and experience that emphasize key qualifications for the specific position and organization;
  • Is able to explain the resume clearly;
  • Relates answers to their relevance to the specific organization and position;
  • Provides varied and relevant illustrations of strengths drawn from past activities; and
  • Concludes the interview by expressing interest in the position.

I hope this helps you in your interview preparation.

Best wishes!