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Job Search Advice from Recent Graduates

Advice from Recent Graduates

In order to help students prepare to navigate the job market after graduation, the Career Center has invited a few recent graduates to describe their own job search process and to offer their advice to seniors:

Seth Revolt

Seth Revolt '14

Seth graduated in the spring of 2014. While at Hanover, Seth majored in chemistry and was very active in the campus community as a Learning Center tutor and various other organizations. He is a proud member of Lambda Chi Alpha and worked diligently to improve his chapter. Seth currently lives in Evansville, IN and works as a Quality Control Analyst at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Mt. Vernon, IN.


"I am currently employed as a Quality Control Analyst at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Mt. Vernon, IN.  BMS is a pharmaceutical company that produces several types of medications.  I was told about this job through one of my chemistry professors at Hanover, and he was told by a fellow Hanover graduate.  I had been searching for jobs throughout my senior year and into the summer, and this was the break that I needed.  It is difficult to separate yourself from others when you have no experience.  This means that networking is key.  It is critical to get to know people in your desired field because it is a way to get your foot in the door, and it allows you to learn about job openings that you may have otherwise missed. 

It was great to find the opening here at BMS, but that was just the first step.  The Career Center really helped me through the application and interview process.  I was involved in their modules that help with resume building and interviewing techniques.  The Career Center helped me understand what a good resume should include and how to interview well.  The techniques that I learned helped me get my current job, and they will be useful as I move throughout the field of chemistry."