Grad School Tips from Recent Grads


Kallen Terry

Earning her MA in History of Cambodia from Northern Illinois University.

Kallen's Grad School Advice


John Dunn '16

Earning his PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Iowa.


John's Grad School Advice


Hannah Rockenbaugh '16

Earning her MA in Anthropology from the University of Louisville.


Hannah's Grad School Advice

  Cara Mulhall '13
earning PhD in School Psychology, Indiana State University

Cara's Grad School Advice

Nick Taylor '13
earning Master of Public Affairs
IU Bloomington
School of Public and Environmental Affairs


Nick's Grad School Advice

  Wesley Hough '12
earning PhD in Mathematics
University of Kentucky

Wesley's Grad School Advice
  Yun Li '12
earning Medical Doctor
Geisel Medical School at Dartmouth College

Yun's Med School Advice
  Krista Phillips '12
earning Master of Divinity
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Krista's Grad School Advice
  Heather Washburn '12
earning DDS
Indiana University School of Dentistry

Heather's Dental School Advice

Nicole Nathan '11
earning PhD in Anthropology
Temple University

Nicole's Grad School Advice


Lindsay Marsh '11
earning MA in Clinical Psychology
Ball State University

Lindsay's Grad School Advice


Jeremy Castle '10
earning PhD in Political Science
University of Notre Dame

Jeremy's Grad School Advice

  Megan Downey '10
earning DVM/PhD
North Carolina State University

Megan's Vet School Advice