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Levett Career Center

Job Search Process

Dear New Grads,

As you begin your job search in earnest, I thought it might be helpful to break the search process down into steps.  It may seem like a lot to accomplish, but if you build one brick at a time, before you know it you'll have the wall of a house (or at least a paycheck for rent!) 

You can jump in at whatever stage you've reached, but don't skip a stage or your wall might fall down. For example, you can't search for jobs effectively (stage 3) without having some idea of what you're searching for (stage 1). Likewise, you can't carry out your search (stage 3) without a good resume (stage 2).  Good luck with your search, and remember that we can help with many of the steps below if you reach out to us.  Let us know how you're doing!

Best wishes always,
Margaret Krantz

Job Search Steps

1)     Clarifying your goals

  • Explore jobs you think you would enjoy on www.onetonline.org. Be sure to check out the related careers.
  • Join our LinkedIn group, HanoverCAN, to get advice directly from alumni professionals who want to assist you. It's easy: Go to LinkedIn and complete your PROFESSIONAL profile (please use proper punctuation/grammar), and search for the Hanover Career Alumni Network group.
  • If you are unable to narrow your focus, consider taking the Strong Interest Inventory or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator offered free to alumni through the Career Center (requires 2 phone consultations).

2)     Preparing to search

  • Identify your qualifications for specific jobs by looking up skills on www.onetonline.org.
  • Improve and tailor your resume toward your goal (download our Resume Guide for specific tips and examples if you don't already have your own printed copy).
  • Write a strong cover letter (see Cover Letter Guide for tips and examples).
  • Develop your elevator pitch (see Job Search Guide to learn what to include).
  • Prepare for and practice interviewing (see Interviewing Guide to learn how to get started).
  • Research employers of interest to you.
  • Search for possible job leads (see Job Search Guide for great websites and much more).

3)     Carrying out your search

  • Maximize your use of LinkedIn, NACELink and the web. (see Job Search Guide for details on this and all items below)
  • Plan a job search strategy and develop an action plan.
  • Reach out to alumni; mobilize your network.
  • Complete online applications.