Levett Career Center

City Semester Internship Programs

Photo of three students in front of a federal building in Washington DC.Hanover College is affiliated with The Philadelphia Center (TPC), The Washington Center (TWC), and the Chicago Program, which offer semester-long urban internship programs. We strongly encourage you to consider attending one of these great programs, through which you will:

  • Have access to an impressive array of internships,
  • Live in a major city,
  • Earn a full term's credits,
  • Develop independent living skills, and
  • Have access to amazing cultural opportunities!

We make the process easy for you:

  • Your actual grades are recorded on your transcript,
  • Costs are comparable to those at Hanover, and
  • Financial aid goes with you in nearly all cases.

Eligibility: Students must have at least sophomore standing to earn internship credit, and there is a minimum GPA of 2.5 for TPC and the Chicago Program, and 2.75 for TWC. As there is a cap on the number of students per year whom we are allowed to send to these programs, students are encouraged to apply early. Contact Margaret Krantz at the Levett Career Center.

Philadelphia skyline

The Philadelphia Center

Providing opportunities for professional exploration, intellectual development, and personal growth, in the heart of one of America's largest and most dynamic cities, The Philadelphia Center features more than 800 field placements along with one-of-a-kind seminars and independent living in an exciting urban setting. As an intern, you'll:

  • Work four days a week in a well-supervised position, earning 2 academic credits,
  • Participate in a city seminar,
  • Take an elective course,
  • Develop self-reliance by living independently,
  • Learn to thrive in a wonderful and challenging new environment, and
  • Gain insights into yourself, personally and professionally.

"The Philadelphia Center gave me the resources to realize that I can be a contributing and successful adult. The program also gave me clarity on my future career, practical independent living skills, and the opportunity to experience society in a new light. I would not be nearly as confident to take on graduate school and life after Hanover graduation without my internship, peers, and advisors that helped me at TPC."  KorbyQuan Reed '16, Psychology Major

To learn more, visit TPC's website.

Photo of the US CapitolThe Washington Center

As the seat of American government, Washington, D.C. is a natural setting for you to study politics. It also offers you opportunities in media, the arts, education, business, science, international affairs, and much more. TWC will help you develop a program that includes:

  • A 4 day-per-week entry-level internship in your area of interest,earning 2 academic credits,
  • A related academic course,
  • Developing a portfolio documenting and summarizing your experience,
  • Breakfast meetings with dignitaries, members of the press and of Congress,
  • Lectures by distinguished leaders, and
  • Tours and topical discussion opportunities.

"Through TWC, I had the opportunity to listen to experts from all areas of the political field discuss their careers and today's issues. These experiences helped me set goals for my future and gave me the resources to pursue those goals after I graduate. How much this program changes you for the better will shock you." Alyssa Retske '17, Pol. Sci. Major, BSP

To learn more, visit TWC's website.

Photo of the Bean in ChicagoThe Chicago Program

Offering three distinct programs, Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Social Justice, the Chicago Program teaches participants to examine urban issues through all three of these lenses. The curriculum consists of four single-credit components, enabling you to engage academically, professionally, and personally with this dynamic city. You will earn a full semester's course load through:

  • A two-day per week internship (the Chicago Program have contacts with over 350 internships sites in a wide array of fields),
  • A discipline-specific seminar course,
  • An interdisciplinary core course, and
  • A scholarly or creative independent study project in your area of interest.

To learn more, visit Chicago Program's website.

"The Chicago Program enabled me to have the experience of working in the professional field of journalism. I also took fantastic classes that enlightened me to all of the social and political problems of Chicago, and our professors provided us with many hands-on experiences and speakers that really enabled us to be a part of the culture of Chicago. By the time I left, I felt like I was a native Chicagoan." Caroline Beck '17, English Major