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March 9, 2015 - SAND Edition

SAND Edition
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What Is SAND?
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What is SAND?
Student Alumni Networking Day (SAND) is an afternoon connecting with alumni through multiple panels, presentations and interactive workshops, culminating in a networking session. These sessions provide information, guidance and connections for students before the transition from Hanover.  Don't miss connecting with these great alumni!  SAND will be held on Saturday, March 14 from 12-4 p.m. in the Science Center. 

This year, the housing group with the highest percentage in attendance will earn a pizza party. In addition, door prizes, including a $50 gift card, will be given to selected students at the 3 p.m. Networking Session.

Dress for this event is business casual. Registration is not required but appreciated by emailing

SAND 2015

Plan Your Sessions!
Choose which sessions interest you the most - 1/time slot.
12 to 1 p.m.:  
Networking 101 Workshop: How To and Practice (SCC 147)- This workshop will provide hands-on, practical tips for adept, productive relationship-building at a network event. This workshop prepares students for the actual networking event at the end of the day. David Harden, Director of the Office of Experiential Learning, will instruct students on how to introduce themselves, properly shake hands, converse while balancing food and drink, listen while multi-tasking, and plan for effective and meaningful conversation. Hors d'oeuvres will be provided.

1 to 2 p.m. (choose one):  
Recent Grads: From Student to Professional Panel (SCC 136)-  Not far from graduation, recent alumni share advice and stories about: Taking the first step- job, grad school, volunteering, or gap year?; Finding a first job; Relocating; First job disasters/triumphs; Developing a social life; Navigating office politics; Budget challenges; and Planning for the next step.
Mini-Mentoring with an Alum (SCC 147)-  Alumni meet one-on-one with you to answer questions and give advice and suggestions on transitioning from Hanover to your first job. Possible topics to discuss with an alum are: I have no career goal or only a vague one. What do I do?; I have a career goal. What do I do next?; Did you have a career goal by senior year?; Did your career path go as you expected?; Where do I look for open jobs?; If I don't like my first job, what do I do? and more. 
Graduate School Panel (SCC 137)-  Whether attending grad school in the fall after graduation or waiting for years, these alumni share inside information about graduate school. Topics to be covered include the admissions process, a day in the life of a grad student, how to select the right grad school, how to fund grad school, finding a job after grad school, and how Hanover education prepares students for grad school. 

2 to 3 p.m. (choose one):  
Arts and Humanities: Integrating Your Interests with Your Career (SCC 108)-  Discover how to express your interests at work. Topics to be covered include job skills developed within arts and humanities majors, how to discover the variety of related career options, a typical day at work, rewards and challenges of following your passion, how to gain required experience, how to find mentors, finding job openings, and creating a strategy to prepare your first job.
Business: What Employers Want (SCC 137)-  Find out what employers are looking for and how to demonstrate that you can do the job. Hear tips and advice from these alums on ideal qualities in an employee and how an applicant can demonstrate them, how skills developed within the liberal arts make one a good candidate for a job, how to distinguish yourself in a pool of applicants, how to show the employer you really want the job, how to follow up without being annoying, what a student can do now to increase the chances of obtaining a job, and what a successful job performance looks like to an employer. 
Sciences: Careers Related to Understanding the World (SCC 107)-  Explore careers in the sciences with these alumni. Topics to be discussed include job skills developed within the sciences, how to discover the variety of related career options, a typical day at work, how to gain required experience, rewards and challenges of these careers, how to find mentors, finding job openings, and what you can do now to prepare for obtaining your first job.
Social Sciences: Understanding and Making a Difference to Others (SCC 136)-  Explore the variety of work within the scope of the social sciences and meet alumni who are making a difference. Topics covered include job skills developed within the social sciences majors, how to discover career options, a typical day at work, how to gain experience, rewards/challenges of these careers, how to find mentors, where to find job openings, and what you can do now to prepare for obtaining your first job. 

3 to 4 p.m.:  
Student-Alumni Networking Session (SCC Lobby)- This is a great opportunity to connect with alumni and discuss career questions in a supportive environment. Some sample questions include: Do you have any advice for integrating my interests into a career?; Do you know anyone in my career field that I can talk to?; What can I be doing now to increase my chances of finding employment after graduation?; and What strategies should I use to find my first job after college? Hors d'oeuvres will be provided during this session and a cash bar will be available to those at least 21 years of age. 

Want More Information? 
Want to know more about what to expect from SAND 2015? Visit the Career Center's SAND webpage for a detailed schedule of the day's events, pictures from last year's event, and a list of alumni who are expected to be present for each session. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email the Career Center

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If you have questions about events or job openings, please contact us! You can also make an appointment to discuss resume help, job search assistance, career guidance, and grad school assistance. Feel free to email us at or call Sue Tilley at 812.866.7127.