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Making a Difference for Families and Children: a Social Services Alumni Panel

October 26, 2011

Kayla Mosier '09
Family Case Manager
Indiana Department of Child Services
BA, Major: Sociology

CBP Scholar

Kayla works in neighboring Scott County and says she absolutely loves her job with Child Services and can't imagine herself in any other profession, even though, when she was a student here at Hanover, she had no idea what career path was for her. She got this job through an on-campus interview when she was at Hanover.

Laura Fleming-Balmer '91
Executive Director/CEO
Clark County Youth Shelter and Family Services, Inc.
BA, Major: Sociology and Business Administration
MA, Education and Psychology

Greek Affiliation: Phi Mu


Laura emphasized the importance of being organized because as she helps to run the Youth Shelter, she has to do a lot of paperwork. She said that when you are employed in social work, you really need to understand the importance of leaving your work at work and not taking it home with you or life can become very stressful.

Kira Kimmel '04
Social Worker
Indiana Mentor
BA, Major: Sociology
Greek affiliation: Chi Omega


Kira made us aware of the fact that the government has been making a lot of budget cuts in the field of Social Work and so a Social Worker's resources may become very few while in this economy. She says that even though she has been in this line of work for a while now, she still has trouble not bringing her work home with her at the end of the day, and that is okay.

Jacque Denny '78
Decatur County Director
Human Services, Inc.
BA, Major: Sociology

Greek Affiliation: Alpha Omicron Pi


Jacque is proud to still be in Social Work after 33 years. She has done quite a few different types of jobs within the field, but among the most rewarding to her was working with developmentally disabled adults, which is a group with which she never thought she would work. She believes that getting a Master's Degree is a must for any type of job within social services.

Justin Smith '09
Teacher and Coach
Jennings County Academy of Learning
BA, Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Communication


Justin says he fell into his current job from a beginning at a school as a substitute teacher. The school at which he is currently employed is an alternative school which includes children who abuse drugs, have behavioral problems, or are slow learners. He really enjoys the fact that every day his job is dynamic and different from the last. He recommends that when you are in your last year at Hanover, apply for everything! You never know what is out there that you will enjoy unless you try new things and be open minded to unique opportunities.

Rebecca Prather '08
Family Case Manager
Department of Child Services
BA, Major: Sociology
Minor: Spanish


Rebecca has the same job as Kayla (above) but in a different Indiana county closer to Cincinnati. She said she has surprised herself on how able she was to adapt to the fact that her job calls for someone that is calm and confident in confrontations. When you have the type of job that Rebecca has, you must be able to figure out the truth of situations that occur in people's homes. She said that you should pursue a degree at a good graduate school right away because it makes a big difference in your salary earnings.

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