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Levett Career Center

FutureFoundations Program

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Have you ever been asked, "So, what are going to do after you graduate?" And you're thinking "Graduate? I'm still trying to find my first class!"  At the Levett Career Center, we understand that your future seems miles away. Our goal with FutureFoundations is to help you ease into a process of exploration that will ultimately span your entire time at Hanover. By connecting early with our staff, you will begin to ask important questions about your passions, preferences, and aspirations. By taking it one step at a time, you will find that the future is not as scary - or as far away - as you thought. FutureFoundations is a four-step process that occurs during your years at Hanover. By participating in FutureFoundations you will develop career skills and knowledge that will prepare you for employment success at graduation and into the future.  Remember that whether it's ten years or tomorrow, your future is right around the corner. Let us help you get there.


As a Hanover College student, you are automatically enrolled in FutureFoundations. To fulfill the FutureFoundations program complete all essential items in the table below based on your year at Hanover College. In addition, complete two optional items over your four years at Hanover College. The completion schedule is flexible and some items are completed within the curriculum. For example, the essential items in year 1 - Explore are part of the first year course, FY 101: First Year Experience. By participating in FutureFoundations, you will gradually, step-by-step build your career readiness so you will be ready for your future when graduation day arrives. We look forward to working with you along the way!

For questions or to learn more about FutureFoundations, contact David Collier. Below is an overview of the program; if you would like a copy for future reference, please download this PDF.

FutureFoundations table of requirements