Assessing your Professionalism and Ethics

etchi A vital part of being a successful employee is learning the type of behavior that is expected at your workplace. Practice these behaviors in class, co-curricular activities, and at work.

Evaluate your strength in the following behaviors, rating them with a "1" for yes, a ".5" for sometimes, or a "0" for no. For each, try to call to mind a way in which you have demonstrated it in the past.

Yes = 1
Sometimes = .5
No = 0

* Essential behaviors are marked with an asterisk.

Enthusiasm: You demonstrate enthusiasm by looking for ways to contribute to the overall goal of the office through your tasks, putting thought, energy, and interest into your work.*
Ethics: You behave with integrity at all times, and follow ethical guidelines given by your employer. As a part of this, you avoid taking office supplies, making personal copies, sending faxes, etc., without paying for them.*
Punctuality/Dependability: You arrive punctually every day, stay on task, and complete work as promised and on time.*
Appropriate Grooming: You avoid allowing your appearance to distract from your work quality. You wear clothes that fit in with the environment, are attentive to personal hygiene, and avoid wearing perfume or cologne.
Initiative: You are motivated to go beyond expectations, when appropriate you suggest ways to make improvements in efficiency or effectiveness, and you offer ways that you can use your skills to support the mission of the office.
Learning: You learn quickly, ask questions as needed rather than later having to undo your previous efforts, and find the level of questioning vs. independence your supervisor prefers.
Leaving Personal Matters at Home: You avoid spending work time doing personal business, including texting, taking personal phone calls, answering personal email messages, or doing personal web searches. You keep your cell phone off or on silent to avoid being disruptive, and never look at it during meetings with others.
Breaks: You limit your breaks to those approved by your employer.
Meetings: You learn what is expected of you when attending meetings, and are prepared.
Social Media: You avoid criticizing a current or former employer through personal and office social media sites and show good judgment in your photographs and posts.

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